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Is it just me, or is our area a little behind when it comes to the global topic of neurodiversity? Together, we can change that story.
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Is it just me, or is our area a little behind when it comes to the global topic of neurodiversity? Together, we can change that.

Blue Ridge Brains aims to spread awareness about neurodiversity affirmation, and to amplify the stories (voices) of our neurodivergent neighbors.

"Neighbors" includes anyone in the southern Blue Ridge Mountain area(ish). Think: western North Carolina, upstate South Carolina, north Georgia, east Tennessee.

Whether you've never heard of neurodiversity, or you're already involved in the neurodiversity movement (or want to start), there's something for you on this page.

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Invitation: Share a story of yours

Blue Ridge Brains wants to share Neurodivergent lived-experience stories on social media, this website, and through conversation on a future Blue Ridge Brains podcast.

Everything you could want to know about submitting your story can be found right here

New to neurodiversity? What is it?

Start with 2 minute article and PDF glossary. This covers common terms, like: neurodiversity, neurodivergent, neurotypical; answers, "what's the difference?"; and introduces you to the neurodiversity paradigm, as well as the neurodiversity movement. Click here to read now

LOCAL Neurodiversity Affirming Resources & Support

Western North Carolina, Upstate South Carolina, North Georgia, East Tennessee | This directory of resources are considered (most likely) safe spaces for our Neurodiverse neighbors. Click here to view

Favorite Neurodiversity Affirming Resources & Support

All the best non-local finds | This collection of resources are top favorites of all time, and includes a variety of topics + mixed media.

You'll find: articles, screening tools, support insights, neurodivergent voices to follow on social, books, films, podcasts, all the things. Click here to view (coming soon)

About Blue Ridge Brains & Our First Focus Plan

Curious who's behind Blue Ridge Brains, what projects BRB is working on, and how you can get involved?

Thought you'd never ask. Click here to learn everything

Articles & Stories on Blue Ridge Brains

Clues Along Marie's Diagnosis: PDA Autism, ADHD, 2e, CPTSD

CAN'T FREAKING WAIT to add more resource-based articles like ^^ this one ^^ with your stories to the Blue Ridge Brains social and article lineup.

Please consider sharing a story.  

Neurodiversity Topics to Explore

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